Posted by: Grub | September 18, 2009

It’s Fall!

Fall is without question my favourite season of the year.  Not only is the air fresh and clean and crispy, but the days are mild and often sunny and the nights are just perfect for cozying up under the duvet and sleeping soundly again.  There is a far better chance that I will see a beautiful sunrise while walking MJ in the morning (because at this time of year the sun and I get up at about the same time) and I get excited about baking cookies and muffins in the oven again.

Although the days have been getting shorter for a while and there have been apples at the farmers’ market for weeks now, this was the first sure, no-looking -back sign that fall is really here. 


This is the maple tree out in our courtyard, which is one of my favourite fall trees in the world.  Soon this gorgeous girl will be entirely red and dripping leaves onto the plant beds below.  But, for now, here are the first couple reds, obviously as impatient for fall to begin as I am.


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