Posted by: Mud | September 20, 2009

One of the Many Reasons I Run Far…

I just got back from a fun night at a friend’s stag party up at Harrison Hot Springs. I had never been there before and as I was driving and taking in the beautiful scenery I kept thinking hmm… I  wonder what the trails are like in those mountains. Not that I wasn’t looking forward to an evening a fun with my friends but their idea of fun and mine doesn’t necessarily always line up.  I should mention these are my non running friends.

My idea of fun would have started with a three to five hour night run exploring the trails before settling in for a few beers and a good nights sleep. Yes, I know that the majority of society would not equate my idea of fun with actual fun, I get that.  I often get asked the question what am I running from.  To non runners the act of running for hours on end would only be done as a method of self inflicted torture that would require extreme personal discipline and a healthy dose of masochism. Or as a way of exercising personal demons.  In some cases that might be true, but I am happy to say this is not the case with me.  I consider myself to be a pretty happy and well adjusted guy who happens to get really excited about being out on the trails exploring, it is that simple.

Below is a short video that a runner from Washington put together, I have run on many of the trails that are featured in the video.  The first time I watched the video I thought it captured the fun of being out on beautiful trails with friends.  This video just made me want to leap off the couch, call some friends, and hit the trails.  Maybe some of you will be inspired to join in the fun, new running buddies are always welcome.


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