Posted by: Grub | September 21, 2009

These Are a Few of my Favourite (Fall) Things

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One of my favourite things about fall is the variety of produce that is available at this time of year.  Although I will shell peas until my fingernails are green in the spring and I am a sucker for a perfect, juicy peach in August, the farmers’ market in the fall has really got it going on: delicata and carnival squash, spicy garlic, dark green kale, crunchy apples, sweet pears, fingerling potatoes, sage and thyme, yum, yum, YUM!  Plus, if you are choosy about your produce, you can still find some decent tomatoes and corn and basil right now, and so it is fun to mix those guys up with the fall foods in ways that you won’t be able to by the time October rolls around. 


Last week I decided to pick up some organic Asian pears at the market to give them a try, and they are de-licious.  Super-crunchy but really sweet and juicy, my first one was a perfect thirst-quenching snack before a very hot day at the football field.  Highly recommended. 

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  1. I found you! You guys are blogging machines. I love the variety. I think I need to try more shakes. Chad, that video made me want to run the trails, but maybe only for a half hour run:)

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