Posted by: Grub | September 22, 2009

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Mr. Mud was at the stag the other night, Maxy and I had a quiet girls’ night at home.  This typically consists of reading cookbooks trying to decide what to have for dinner for about 4 hours and then heating up some leftovers from the fridge (it is lonely cooking for one!), petting Maxy while she acts all needy and follows me everywhere, all the while watching whatever crap television has to offer (in this case it was CSI, CSI, CSI and then Law and Order). 

Well, true to form, we did all of those things, but we also baked cookies!  And not just any cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

September 21 09 028

The recipe for these cookies is from one of my new cookbooks, The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes.  I have only made two recipes out of this book so far but they have both been big successes, and I can’t wait to keep baking from it well into the winter! 

I have a bit of a bad habit of eating cookies right off of the cookie sheet when it comes out of the oven, even when a recipe tells you that you should let the cookies cool or even just wait one minute.  60 seconds is TOO LONG.  These were no exception.  Hot off the cookie sheet I could already tell that these were going to be good – soft and fluffy and melty chocolate chips everywhere.  Once they cooled a bit, the texture became almost cakey, and the few stragglers remaining today are just like little hand-held pumpkin chocolate cakes.  Yummers.  I think I would also like these with a bit more spice in them (did someone say ginger?) but they are great as is too. 

Needless to say, these are currently on the short-list for fondue goodie bags this Christmas.  I might also try experimenting with some gluten-free flours so that these could be Mike-friendly this year as well.

PS In case you were wondering, I heard that the stag was “off the hook”.  They had JUICE!


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