Posted by: Mud | September 28, 2009

101.9 Miles of Fun on the PCT

Pacific Crest Trail Marker

Pacific Crest Trail Marker

Well it is official, early Sunday morning, at 2:26 a.m. I crossed the finish line to complete the inaugural 100 in the Hood in 22 hours and 26 minutes.  At least I think that was my time, I was a little foggy at the end and I didn’t stick around to check the results.  Even if I was a few minutes off it was still my fastest race of the year.  I was hoping for a PR, runner speak for a “personal record”, but sadly I came up short by about 30 minutes.

Even though I didn’t get a PR, the day was perfect, cool crisp fall air, sunshine, and 101.9 miles (the distance was a matter of considerable debate, the website said 101.9 but I also heard 103, lets face it anything over 100 miles feels long) of running on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the National Scenic Trail that runs from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada.    In terms of scenic, the highlight was running along the trail with Mount Hood as the backdrop, see photo below, and yes, I do carry a camera when I am racing. 

The race consisted of two out and back runs, essentially we ran to a point then turned around and came back to the start.  We then repeated the same process in the other direction.  One nice thing about an out and back race is that you get to see all the runners at least a couple of times during the race.  On the way back in from the first out and back everyone was all smiles, it was early in the race, the views were spectacular, and nothing had begun to hurt.  On the second out and back everyone was looking a little worse for wear but still spirits were high and everyone seemed to be enjoying the course.  

Mount Hood

Mount Hood

After dark, the temperature really dropped and it was a great motivator to keep moving to avoid freezing.  With this being my last race of the season, I tried my best to forget the aches and pains and just enjoy some quiet time on the trail under a starlit sky.  The 100 in the Hood was a great way to end the season and I look forward to running the race again in the future to see if I can’t get a PR.  For now, I look forward to a well deserved rest and maybe just a little running, I have to have something to blog about.



  1. Congrats, Chad.

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