Posted by: Grub | October 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As you may know, work just smashed me upside the head this week.  The highlights:  one and a bit hours of sleep on Wednesday night; 14 hours in a row in the same boardroom (out of the office) on Thursday; 9 hours in that same boardroom on Friday; nothing to eat between Thursday am and Friday evening except for bananas, applesauce, a Clif bar and a Pro bar; 18.5 hours billed on Thursday (and I was home by 10pm); 44 hours in high-heeled shoes in 3 days; about a million sheets of paper; three paper cuts; deal finally closed Friday at about 5pm.  I am, quite simply, exhausted.

But, I am home.  We had a nice dinner at Dharma Kitchen last night, a good sleep, and a relaxed cup of coffee this morning.  I got to take Maxy for a walk in the sunshine, and I just polished off a peanut butter and banana shake.  Soon, I will be off to play football (again, in the sunshine) with my good friends.  Life is actually pretty good.

My two favourite things about home.
My two favourite things about home.

I know this picture is blurry, but I really like it that way.* 

*Also, this is how they looked to me through tired eyes, when I finally got home last night, so it seemed appropriate.



  1. Cute picture and yes, it does seem like you’re looking at it with tired eyes. I cannot believe you worked that many hours and that is way too much time in high heels! HOpe this next week is a whole lot more restful for you and I’ll see you again, next Saturday, when we have a game that is whole lot more fun!

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