Posted by: Grub | October 13, 2009


Although I had grand plans for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I was forced to scale back a bit and make a few old stand-bys with a bunch of simple vegetable dishes.  On the plate below you see a white nut roast, mashed potatoes, braised chard, roasted Brussels sprouts and baked sugar dumpling squash.  We had some whole wheat sourdough bread on the side as well, but it didn’t fit on the plate!

October 13, 2009 004

The nut roast is a recipe I have been making for years (I even made it for a staff Thanksgiving dinner in Place Vanier one year).  The nut layers are a combination of cashews, almonds and pine nuts cooked together with some herbs and soymilk and it has a bread stuffing layer in the middle (you can’t see it very well in the picture – I think I used less parsley this year than in the past).  It is not low-fat by any means, but it is delicious with all of the herby flavours of Thanksgiving.  The chard was cooked with garlic, chili flakes and balsamic vinegar, and the Brussels sprouts were roasted with garlic and salt.  The squash was super sweet and just needed a little touch of salty margarine to bring out its flavour. 

For dessert, we had a pear and cranberry tart that was made with a toasted almond crust.  Unfortunately, the picture makes it look much better than it actually turned out – the pears were definitely not ripe enough which made for a pretty crunchy pie.  I found the filling a bit sweet, and would probably make this again with a bit of lemon juice added to the filling (and riper pears!)

October 13, 2009 017

Hopefully next year’s Thanksgiving will be a bit healthier and perhaps a little more extravagant.  For now though, there is still lots to be thankful for, including the fact that this flu doesn’t seem to have dampened my appetite!



  1. That tart looks wonderful! I can’t believe you’ve made all this even though you have been sick. I curl up and hide away from the world when I am not feeling well 🙂

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