Posted by: Grub | November 22, 2009

And… We’re Back!

Well, at least I am. And, since Chad mentioned the other day that, after a month “off” of running, he will be gearing up for the new season, I am guessing that he will be back to blogging before you know it too.

I can’t believe it has been a month since I last posted!  It took me a really long time to get over being sick (I am 99% positive that it was THE flu) and, in addition to the unbelievably persistent physical fatigue, I was surprised at how little creative energy I had.  We both cooked lots, but I was completely uninspired and just couldn’t be bothered to take any pictures or do any writing at all.  Then, we took off on an overseas adventure – spending three nights in Paris and another six nights in Prague that were amazing and felt like about a month away from home.  Having spent the last week fighting some low-level jetlag while returning to the workday slog, here we are at November 22!

I have lots of posts to catch up on, some food-related – I have been working away on my Cookbook Challenge even though I haven’t been posting about it and have added a significant number of cookbooks to my collection in the last month – and of course some travel photos and stories.  For now though, I will leave you with a photo of the lovely Maxy Jean, who is always the most wonderful thing in the world to come home to!


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