Posted by: Grub | February 21, 2010

Weekend Good Stuff

I just had to post about my delicious lunch today, and figured I would also show off my new kitchen hardware!

The sandwich that you see below is the best sandwich that I have had in a long time. The key component of the sandwich is a chickpea salad spread (the top layer) that contains a whole bunch of good stuff including celery, red onion, minced dill pickle, lemon juice, and minced toasted nori and kelp flakes, which add a bit of flavour of the sea (kind of like tuna salad, but way lighter and fresher). The sandwich also includes sliced, perfectly ripe avocado, Roma tomatoes, dill pickle and Romaine lettuce, all on grainy Hummingbird bread from the bakery up the street from us.

super awesome chickpea salad sandwich

I followed up the sandwich with one of these tasty treats that Chad put together yesterday for his long run today. They are the slightly modified Power Spheres from the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook (the restaurant in Victoria), and are full of good stuff like dried apricots and apple, coconut, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and peanut butter. I chose one of the non-sesame seed coated ones – they are sweet and gooey and it was the perfect dessert for my sandwich.

power spheres

And… as for my new hardware… I have been trying to make it a habit to take note of, and celebrate, life’s “little miracles” lately. It all started with a cinnamon bun from Grounds for Coffee on Thursday (vegan without the icing!! a miracle!) and then, on Friday, my daily miracle arrived in the form of an email from Cookworks, a locally owned kitchen equipment store. It turns out that the knife I have been coveting for years now went on an amazing sale on Friday (it was the only knife in the whole line that was on sale) and so I zipped over at lunch and picked one up! Here is the knife – an 18cm Global Santoku knife with fluted edges. It is so light and lovely… we have been using it all weekend (onion, garlic, celery, pickle, carrots – like magic).

So, lots of good stuff the last few days.  And, to end off the week and this post on an even lovelier note – a photo of the one and only Maxy Jean!

smiley face!



  1. That sandwich looks amazing!!

  2. Okay Lana, I’m going to need to see a picture of your little guy! HOpe you are all doing well!!

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