Posted by: Grub | January 11, 2011

Five Months Old

Time just has this amazing way of flying by and before you know it, your little teeny baby is five months old!

I am so excited to be five months old today! Can you guess why I am drooling so much? Keep reading!

We have had a busy few months – both sets of Sam’s grandparents were here for the holidays and we actually had a Christmas tree this year in addition to our usual big holiday feast.  Here are a few photos of the highlights:

Nanny and Gramps (Chad's parents) were here from Cape Breton via Florida and stayed with us for a whole month!

Grandma and Grandpa were also here for Christmas and stayed over on Christmas Eve!

Sam and his Christmas tree (thanks again, Steve!)

Sam is pretty happy about his first Patagonia jacket, from Santa

Christmas dinner - check out the spread (but please look past the terrible lighting!)

We went down to see Chad finish his New Year’s day 50K run (just a little one!), and although we missed the actual finish, we did get to have a nice walk on the seawall on a gorgeous Vancouver day!

One (little) happy family

What a beautiful city!

Sam has also been test-driving all kinds of new hardware, including his new big-boy car seat, a new highchair, sunglasses that Mandeep gave him as a baby gift (they fit perfectly!), and several pairs of new shoes (thanks Great-Uncle Charles and Uncle Mike!).  He has also been trying out a brand-new pair of…. teeth!  His first one arrived on Christmas Eve, and the second one exactly two weeks later – I think he is trying to tell us that he wants to try out that new highchair pretty soon.

Nice work, Dad!

Bring on the brown rice cereal!

The future's so bright...

I have my trail running shoes, now I just need a trail...

Yes, my feet really are this big relative to my head!

All in all, we had a great holiday and are having more and more fun with Sam every single day! I am going to try to do a few smaller posts a little more often, so that these big ones aren’t so overwhelming to get to.  I also have a few other posts lined up for the New Year that I just need to polish up, so hopefully we will be getting back into the blogging routine a bit more often.  Happy New Year everyone!



  1. I loved hearing and seeing what you’ve been up to! Okay, so is he the happiest baby in the world or what?! So adorable.

  2. Thanks Lana, Chad and Sam for letting us share Christmas with you. It was great. We can’t wait to see all of you again.

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