Posted by: Grub | January 18, 2011

Our little ducky

Sam had his first swimming lesson on Sunday afternoon, and it was a success!  I wouldn’t say that he loved the water, but he didn’t cry either and the one time he got a bit of water in his mouth, he just kind of coughed and his eyes watered a bit and then he carried on.  I think mostly he was a bit overwhelmed and overstimulated, as he just kept gazing around the pool with big wide eyes and didn’t respond at all when I called his name or waved at him, even really close up to him.

By the end of the lesson, he was starting to splash around with his hands a bit, and he was taking an interest in, and even reaching for, floating toys.  It was interesting because there were actually a lot more dads in the pool than I expected, with most of the moms standing around the pool deck taking a million pictures!

Can’t wait for next Sunday!  I still haven’t ventured out to get a new bathing suit yet, but I am thinking maybe on Saturday. UGH.



  1. Looks like he is having fun!

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