Posted by: Grub | March 10, 2011

Seven Months Old

So, what has Sam been up to this month?  Let’s take a look!

Chad continued to demonstrate how to blow bubbles, and Sam got to go right underwater a few times.  He didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t say he loved it, either!

This pool is cold! Could someone turn the heat up?

Sam has developed an amazing love of books.  He has a few favourites and when we pick them up to read, he immediately starts grinning and reaching for them.  He loves hearing lots of different voices and sounds, and has also started really loving the different textures in the soft cloth books that he has.

This book sure is interesting, but wait a minute, where did that camera come from?

Sam and Maxy continue to love each other and watch out for each other.  Sam’s face lights up whenever she comes close or when she swoops in for a kiss when we come home from being out running errands.  Maxy is still mostly her normal aloof self, but she is willing to indulge Sam with a lick and sniff once in a while.

Aren't we the cutest team?

Grandma came for a visit and Sam tried solid foods (we will do a more detailed post about his adventures with solid foods later!)

You can't trick me!

Sam just got cuter.

Hey world, check ME out.

In the last month, Sam has had two colds and grown four teeth (for a total of six).  Lots of new experiences, and not always a lot of sleep.  We are hoping for a seventh month of no colds and no teeth!

I'm smiling now, but you should have heard me last night!

And here he is, seven months old on March 8, 2011!  We still think he is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread (and really, is sliced bread THAT great?  Not greater than Sam!)  He has the most amazing smile and has started giggling spontaneously at things he finds funny (like bouncing a ball off of the floor or Chad’s goofy voices).  He is rolling around all over the place and is picking up things between his thumb and forefinger (his favourite thing to pinch is the plastic-y manufacturers’ tags on his toys and blankets).  He loves to be out in his stroller and makes friends pretty much wherever we go.

Seven months old today!

He is so amazing – it is still hard to believe some days that he is actually ours!



  1. He is such a cutie (and definitely better than sliced bread!).

  2. 1. He is so incredibly cute. Unbelievably adorable. If you are ever going to take him to a football game, let me know so I can bring my camera:) I just need one picture of that gorgeously chubby face.
    2. Sucks about the cold+teething…makes you appreciate the healthy times even more!
    3. I still can’t believe that my kids are mine:)
    4. Thanks for the updates!

  3. He is really as cute as the other two mentioned – and it keeps getting better and better. And if you’re bringing him to a game, tell Louise to tell me so I can come to the same one and meet him and see you guys.

  4. I can’t believe it’s already been 7 months!! Well..looks like the football team has demanded a “Sam” viewing!

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