Posted by: Grub | May 11, 2011


On our trip to Granville Island last week, we picked up two new books for Sam.  I had read about this particular type of book a few days earlier, in an online forum that I follow – they are called Indestructibles – and was frustrated to discover that Chapters doesn’t sell them in their storefronts locally (although they are available online). As we were heading back to our car from a lovely Granville Island patio lunch, I decided to do a quick swing through the Net Loft and we wandered into Blackberry Books, just browsing.  Well, what do you know? Sitting there, right in front of my face, were several of these exact books on a children’s book display.  It felt like it was meant to be.  So, I picked up a couple and hoped that Sam would be interested.

I will let the pictures tell the tale on this one!

You are giving this to me? For real?

Hmmm... tastes good.

Doesn't rip or scrunch up when I whip it around my head...

Lots of colour, and birds!

Could you please leave me alone now? I'm reading!

Check. Check. Check. And... check.

Thumbs up, Mom. Why didn't we get one of these sooner?

Word of warning – the Indestructibles do not have any written words in them.  They are a series of pictures within a certain theme, and you can either name the objects and make their sounds (moo, cheep), or for an older child, you can make up stories to go along with the pictures (or, I guess, let them make up their own stories)!

I would highly recommend the Indestructibles to new parents who would love to let their babies direct their own experiences with books, but who want to avoid both ripped pages and chewed up board books.  As a parent with a child who has a mouthful of teeth earlier than most kids, and a penchant for putting anything and everything in his mouth right now, it is lovely not to have to constantly fight for control of the book while we are reading.  As you can see, Sam agrees!



  1. I agree! We have one of these (the jungle one) and I would say that it is in fact “Indestructible”. Yeah for books!

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