Posted by: Grub | May 27, 2011

Grandmas are awesome

Sam has two very lovely grandmothers (who are both awesome), but today I am not planning to talk about his grandmothers.  I am planning to talk about mine.

For as long as I can remember, my grandma has made quilts.  Quilts of every colour, shape and size.  Beautiful quilts.  Fancy quilts and playful quilts.  Quilts for friends, quilts for daughters and sons, quilts for grandchildren, and more recently, quilts for great-grandchildren.  My grandma has a LOT of great-grandchildren!

A few weeks ago, we received Sam’s baby quilt in the mail.

This is so amazing! Thanks, great-grandma!

I had heard bits and pieces about it from my mom, but didn’t know what to expect.  It is really, really great!

As you can see, the main image on the quilt is of a bear riding a John Deere tractor.  (Sam really loves the bear.)

Hi, Bear - my name is Sam.

My grandma doesn’t use computers or the Internet, so she won’t get to see this post, although I will be writing her a letter and sending her copies of these photos.  I sometimes wish she was more plugged in to technology so that we could share more of these kinds of moments with her more quickly and easily, but I guess when I am her age (almost 90!) I will have the right to poo-poo all of the things those crazy kids are up to, too… like maybe I will make my hypothetical grandchildren fly on an airplane because I won’t trust that fancy in-home teleportation technology, or they will have to telephone me because I am afraid that the government is eavesdropping on mind-melds.  Ha!

The point is… if I think it is hard for me to write a letter and get some digital photos printed, imagine how hard it is make a quilt, and not just a quilt for Sam, but a quilt each for children, grand-children AND great-grand-children, and also to get each and every quilt packed up in a box and off in the (actual) mail. I think it says something about my generation that I actually used the word “hard” to describe the first half of that sentence!  Not necessarily anything bad, but certainly something about the pace of life and about the reliance that we have on the shortcuts that technology provides us.

I think it also says something about my grandma and her generation, and their generosity and thoughtfulness and willingness to go the extra mile (or ten or a hundred) to stay connected to family.

Grandmas really are awesome.

Snug as a bug in a rug... good night!



  1. That quilt is fantastic!! She’s still pretty amazing isn’t she. My kids still use theirs all the time whether it’s to actually try to curl up under or to play beach or camping on or whatever – they love them!
    Not sure how Sam’s grandpa will feel about the John Deere tractor though……..:-)

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