Posted by: Grub | June 16, 2011

On the Road

So, late yesterday morning, we hit the road on our California adventure. My parents and Sam and I made it as far as Bellingham, and Chad is going to meet us down in Seattle on Friday after work.

Sam gets his first kids menu

We had an easy border crossing (despite a one hour wait – on a Wednesday morning!) and a very nice and funny border guard, who asked me how long Chad and I had been “not married” for and then proceeded to inform me that “not married” actually means “too cheap to buy a ring”. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. To be honest, although this probably would have offended me in any other context, when it comes to border guards, I guess I am pretty much willing to (pretend to) see the humour in just about anything.

Once across the border, we went straight down to Fairhaven, and enjoyed the Wednesday farmers’ market on the village green, browsing and drinking root beer at Village Books, and a walk through the wood co-op. I was conservative at Village Books, buying only one cookbook, as I am hoping to hit up many more independent bookstores on our trip.

After checking into our hotel, we had dinner at Boundary Bay brewpub, one of our all-time favourites. Dad had the yam ale-chiladas for Chad (who, let’s be honest, will probably have them for himself when he comes down on Friday), and Sam tried to have crayons and some kids menu but settled for some mashed potato, black beans and yam.

Caught in the act!

[Section here about watching the hockey game has been deleted because there wasn’t really anything nice to say.]

Today we are off to sightsee a bit in LaConner and mostly just take it easy. I am going to try to take more photos today, and to post every day a little bit of what we are doing (although by now, anyone who reads our blog with any regularity knows that my goals are about 93% aspirational)!  Hopefully, we’ll check in with you tonight or tomorrow.

PS.  As I am currently posting in the dark while Sam and my Dad are both sleeping, and expect that this might be the norm for the rest of the trip, I cannot make any promises about typos for the next little while.  Although trying to make sure posts are well-edited is normally important to me, it is dark and I am working on the tiniest corner of the world’s smallest writing desk and I am just trying to get the words on the page. (I really can spell!  And I don’t normally forget to include connecting words!)



  1. Yay!! Looking forward to hearing about your travels!! I don’t blame you for vetoing the hockey discussion – I was so sad afterwards for my Canucks and then to watch the riots on the streets – it was just disgusting and I feel like I have to hang my head in shame today.
    I love Sam’s adventurous spirit when it comes to eating – crayons and kids menus aren’t for everyone!!!

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