Posted by: Grub | June 17, 2011

LaConner and Anacortes

We had a really lovely day yesterday – the sun was shining and we got to wander around two beautiful (but different) oceanside towns, La Conner and Anacortes, with no fixed schedule or agenda. We also got a little shopping in (hello, REI) and had several locals (and one friendly Bostonian) ask us how we were feeling after the game on Wednesday night. Oh, and we saw a couple of fighter jets doing (crazy awesome loud) maneuvers over La Conner. LOVE.

Here are some photos from our day yesterday – today we’re off to Seattle (and the outlet mall to do some power shopping with Grandma!)  Looking forward to seeing Chad later tonight.

Good morning, Bellingham!

Cheese times two.

On the road again!

This is Sam with "Dirty Biter", a dog that is part of the LaConner outdoor sculpture walk. Sam and I had fun doing the tour while Grandma and Grandpa were watching glassblowing and looking at local art.

Having lunch at the Calico Cupboard in La Conner. We did actually let Sam eat real food after he worked his way through this spoon.

At the shipyard with Grandpa. (In Anacortes)

He's already a Finning kid! (At dinner at Pepper Sisters in Bellingham.)

Vegan peanut butter cups? Yes, please! (On vacation, we eat these in bed.)



  1. Those Finning hats have been on all the grandkids, I think:-)!!! Looks like a great time! To amend my comment yesterday I was super proud to see all the Vancouverites out early on Thursday morning helping to clean up the downtown streets. No more hanging head in shame!!!

  2. Sam is the cutest! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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