Posted by: Grub | June 20, 2011

Seattle to Eugene

Yesterday (Saturday) we spent a lot of time on the road, so there aren’t too many adventures to report. For the most part, it was a dismal and dark day, with periods of heavy mist and rain, so even the driving wasn’t fantastic.

We did an early morning stop at Mighty O doughnuts and picked up a dozen for the road. SO GOOD. I just got my usuals, but Chad and Dad both picked up the Blueberry Monster and from all reports, they are pretty delicious.

blueberry monster!

After a bit of a frustrating exercise in getting on the highway caravan style, we were on our way and hit relatively little traffic. We had a smooth drive into Olympia for breakfast, and although the breakfast place I wanted to hit was packed full, we found a local McMenamin’s in an old tobacconists shop and had a large, hearty meal. You know you are in a very veg-friendly town when a very meat and potatoes pub brunch offers soy milk as an option and when the server warns you that the breakfast burrito has unadvertised egg in it – so great to get service like this as a vegan on the road!

Where's the grub?

Then, it was back on the road. We had a pretty slow stretch through Portland but eventually made it through and stopped at the outlet mall just south of Portland (Woodburn). You might think that this was another “Mom activity”, but guess again. This is Chad’s favourite outlet mall and he spent some quality time at his beloved North Face. We grabbed smoothies with my Mom and Dad while Chad was shopping, and Sam and I “shared” an acai smoothie with granola and banana. And, when I say “shared”, I mean Sam flailed around in the Ergo carrier trying to knock the spoon out of my hand to get some smoothie and then screaming bloody murder whenever I tried to take a bite for myself. Next time, he gets his own smoothie.

We then headed out to our hotel in Springfield (just outside Eugene). If you are ever travelling in this area and staying around the Eugene area, I would HIGHLY recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield as an option – it was a really great hotel with good facilities, and it was actually quite stylish for a Holiday Inn.

Hey Mom, can we get a fashionable chair like this for our house?

We headed over to the local brewpub, Hop Valley Brewing, for dinner. The brewpub just happened to be next door to our hotel (hmmm, guess who made the hotel reservations?) We had a nice meal and delicious beers. My vanilla porter was like dessert in a glass, with smooth flavours of vanilla and chocolate and the lovely bitterness of porter. I also had a hummus plate with super garlicky hummus, which was crazy delicious but which apparently made me smell like a head of raw garlic for hours afterwards. Sam is definitely our child – he ate a little blob of hummus off of my finger, puckered up a bit and his eyes started to water, and then opened his mouth for some more! We are growing the next generation of garlic fiends!

Sam made lots of friends at dinner, including with a few people at the rather interesting table of characters seated beside us. To give you a sense, Chad’s theory was that it was a birthday party for some friends that worked together in the adult film industry. For people-watchers like Chad and me, this was pure entertainment (as I am sure you can imagine).

Did you see those??

After that, it was back to the hotel for (decaf) coffee, doughnuts and a few more beers, then to bed. Sam continued in his ongoing quest to consume items that are not appropriate for babies when he noticed that Chad had left an (unbeknownst to him empty) can of beer on the end table. Hilariousness ensued. Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of him launching himself out of this chair and onto his stomach on the end table in one move, knocking the beer onto the floor and spraying the dregs all over the place. Luckily I was spotting him, instead of holding the camera!

Hey, look what Daddy left me!

Next up – Fortuna, California tomorrow!


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