Posted by: Grub | June 24, 2011

San Francisco to Squaw Valley

I would like to start today’s post with a small public service announcement. After our fancy dinner the other night, I had a pretty crazy night. My whole life I have had terrible nightmares, but I actually woke up twice having terrible hallucinations. It was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. I did some research last night and apparently huitlacoche (a corn fungus) can cause hallucinations, in a similar way that it has been speculated that the mass hysteria that led to the Salem witch trials were caused by hallucinations brought on by ergot poisoning (as result of fungus in the community’s rye). In my Google research, I uncovered lots of people complaining (!) that they had eaten huitlacoche and didn’t have any hallucinations, but it seems to be considered relatively common that it can happen. Who knows if that is what actually caused my crazy night, but just wanted to put it out there as something to think about. Although I would probably steer clear of the huitlacoche in the future, just in case, I don’t regret my decision to try it just once!

We packed up and left San Francisco yesterday morning, and although I would have liked to spend another day or two there (and eat a few more meals!), I am also looking forward to some of our upcoming destinations, and I know that Chad is looking forward to running his race already!

Sam in his new Boundary Bay t-shirt. Is it wrong that my ten-month-old child is wearing a beer shirt??

We stopped in Berkeley on the way out to pick up some groceries at the hippie and awesome Berkeley Bowl. Seriously, this place has a huge produce section and the biggest bulk food section I have ever seen. I was only slightly saddened by the fact that they didn’t carry my peanut butter cups, and I am out. [Insert sad face here.] We stopped to pick up a “mid-morning snack” at Cinnaholic, a vegan cinnamon bun shop right across the street from the UC Berkeley campus. They have a basic model cinnamon bun with vanilla frosting that they let you customize with various frostings and toppings. Chad stuck with a basic model, and Mom and Dad both added nuts (Mom hazelnuts and Dad almonds). I of course went a little bit crazy and ordered the “S’mores” cinnamon bun – a basic model topped with chocolate sauce, mini chocolate chips, Dandies marshmallows and chunks of graham crackers. This was an over-the-top, mega-delicious sugar bomb! I certainly couldn’t eat one of these every day (or week, for that matter), but it was a very special treat.

Mom and Dad enjoying their nutty cinnamon buns.

S'mores. Look at those marshmallows. The graham crackers. The chocolate chips. Doesn't the chocolate sauce just seem a little over the top?

We then headed to Sacramende** for lunch at a local pub, the Fox and Goose. This is a place that we stopped at on our last trip through (although we were headed in the opposite direction last time), that is relatively vegan-friendly and serves basic pub grub. Sam and I shared a tofu scramble with avocados and mushrooms and some roasted potatoes. This place allows you to customize your tofu scramble the same way that you customize a pizza, which I think is a fantastic option.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving up to Squaw Valley and are now here in our lovely suite looking out at the mountains. We cooked our own pasta dinner last night, and I was sad to discover that somewhere along the line our poor little tub of Earth Balance got left behind. [Insert another sad face here.]

Pasta Marinara with Garden Vegetables topped with Sauteed Mushrooms and Field Roast Apple Sage Sausages. Yummers.

Walking off all of that pasta in the Village.

Today we are going to head into Reno in between Chad’s race duties.  Not sure how many interesting photos or places we will see today (we are really going to do some shopping, not any interesting gambling or sightseeing), but I will try to catch a few so that we can do at least a short post about it.  In the meantime, here is a bonus shot of Sam having a good old laugh:

** And by Sacramende, I mean Sacramento.  Fans of the show Arrested Development (its loss is still mourned in our household) will remember that when asked by Michael where her child was, Lindsay thought that Maeby was with the debate club on the way to Sacramende for the semi-finals (she was not). In fact, she was overseeing a remake of the Old Man and the Sea for the film studio where she had bluffed her way into a job.  Sacramento will always be Sacramende to us.





  1. OMG I totally want to eat him up!! I love how Sam is totally trying to peer around you to check out the Village as well! GOOD LUCK CHAD!!!! (I still think you’re crazy but to each their own:-)!!

    • That’s how he always rides in the Ergo carrier! He loves being in the backpack and either bounces and bounces, or goes to sleep. Chad says thanks!

  2. I have said this soooo many times… but, you have one cute kid!! And, WOW to that smore’s cinnamon bun… perhaps you should try to recreate that sometime 🙂

  3. Thanks, darling. And I know about the cinnamon bun – I decided not to add it to the list just because it was so ridiculous. I don’t think I want to know how to make it. I thought it was just going to be terribly sweet, but it was so completely amazing with the s’more flavours that I think my body might shut down if I learned how to make them myself!

  4. I can’t decide what is sweeter – those cinnamon buns (holy, yum!) or Sam’s smile! I forget he is only 10 months old – he looks like a toddler in that T-shirt! What size is he wearing now anyways???

    • He is so big. That shirt is a 12 months size but it is actually pretty small on him and I am wishing I had got him a 18 month shirt. He is already wearing 18 month clothes!

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