Posted by: Grub | October 6, 2011

What We Eat Wednesdays

So, after yesterday’s epic post, I am doing a quickie today.  My Wednesday series for Vegan MOFO is in response to the question “what do vegans eat?”, and is going to feature a meal that we made at home in the previous week.  I know sometimes people wonder what we eat at home, so I thought this might be a fun idea.

This week we will feature… Buffalo Tempeh Sammies!  Over the weekend, we piled the very easy, very tasty Buffalo Tempeh recipe from Appetite for Reduction onto toasted whole grain bread, with Cool Slaw (lower-fat cole slaw, also from Appetite for Reduction) and sliced, perfectly ripe avocado.  It required a bit of preparation time (steaming and marinating the tempeh and letting the cole slaw soften up a bit in the dressing), but it was very little work and was mega-delicious.  We are already planning to make them again this week.

Crappy lighting (sorry!), but look at all that good stuff in there. Mmmmm....

As a side note, I cannot recommend Appetite for Reduction enough.  So many easy and delicious recipes, and although they are lower in fat, you wouldn’t know it.  I am only three recipes away from my goal of making 50 before my birthday!

Outta here till tomorrow!


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