Posted by: Grub | October 13, 2011

What We Eat Wednesdays – More Macaroni and Cheese

This is going to be another quickie What We Eat post today – things at work are kind of crazy right now, and I think I need to get some sleep tonight so that I can make it through the week (so that I can work on the weekend, too).  Barf.

We made a new macaroni and cheese recipe this week that was pretty tasty.  This is the Cheesy Mac from Vegan Diner (which I talked about yesterday) but I already think of it as Smoky Mac.  It has a bit of a hit of smoked paprika and a noochy, cashew-based sauce, and her technique of melting in some Earth Balance and stirring in some nutritional yeast at the end is so reminiscent of making Kraft Dinner that I nearly shed a tear.  This got gobbled up like nobody’s business, and Sam had a great time eating the cheesy gemelli noodles with his fingers.

(As a side note, that sprinkling of smoked paprika on top was my own addition and was really unnecessary, and I actually wished I had left it alone. Try it and see if you like it, and if you really feel like it needs more smoke, then by all means sprinkle away.)

On deck for tomorrow, another vegan product that we love!  See you then.




  1. Satneev made mac/cheese last week and he put paprika on it and I loved it! Never would have thought of that:)

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