Posted by: Grub | January 9, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year to anyone who is still reading or checking our blog. Life got a little bit crazy back in October, and even crazier in November, and then December was as December always is… and here we are in 2012 already. Wow. I am hoping to get back to posting more often, and my goal is to just post smaller and simpler posts more regularly rather than huge ones once in a while.

I am working on my new goals list for the year (this year it is 38 before 38 – I am OLD), and will hopefully also get around to posting a recap of last year’s goals, mostly as an excuse to post some of my photos and stuff from last year that I didn’t ever get around to posting. I also had a whole bunch of posts planned for the last half of October that I didn’t get around to, so hopefully they will make it on here, too!

Since I know that 99% of the reason that any of you read our blog is to see photos of the big guy, here is a recent one of him from Christmas Day.  I know it isn’t a nice, cute smile-y photo, but he is so hard to catch in focus these days and this one makes me laugh.  He is walking and talking and generally changing every single day.  So wonderful!



  1. Happy New Year and hope 2012 is wonderful for all of you.
    Love, Mom & Dad

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