Posted by: Grub | February 11, 2012

38 before 38

New year, new list. Onwards and upwards!

Hello, friends. I am excited about what we are going to do (and eat!) this year! (Check out my sweet old man PJs.)

1. Run a 10k

2. Ride a bike

3. Swim

4. Cook beans from scratch

5. Bake a pie

6. Eat salad at least once a week.

7. Host a vegan potluck series

8. 50 recipe challenge

9. Cook from 5 different food blogs

10. Try a new fruit and vegetable

11. Blog regularly

12. Participate in the vegan community

13. Take Sam camping

14. Prepare for the zombie apocalypse

15. Make a move

16. Put up pictures

17. Pay off student loans

18. Play Ultimate

19. Take Sam to a farm sanctuary

You're halfway there - I think you deserve another photo to get you through to the end. Did you know I am 1.5 years old now?

20. Eat jackfruit

21. Eat at 10 food carts in Portland

22. Make a birthday cake for Sam

23. Take Sam to the farmer’s market

24. Play in the snow with Sam

25. Smoke tofu and portobello mushrooms

26. Take Trish for lunch, twice!

27. Do yoga

28. Learn a new camera function

29. Fill Sam’s baby book

30. Get a massage

31. Go to a movie

32. Read 25 books

33. Bake a cake for Maxy

34. File my taxes on time

35.  Make an Ethiopian feast, including injera, and a Mexican feast, including tamales and fresh corn tortillas

36. Make sure that Sam spends time with all of his cousins and both sets of grandparents

37. Make Black Forest Cake and Tiramisu

38. Make vegan peanut butter chips

**You will see that I don’t have a lot descriptions this year.  That’s partly in the interest of getting this posted before summertime, partly because it will make a year-end recap next year much easier to do, and also because a few of the things on this list are a bit more mysterious, shall we say, and I am going to wait to talk about them at least until I feel like I have a better handle on them myself. I’m also open to suggestions on any of the things on this list if you have any! (What books should I be reading?  What camera function should I learn? What’s a food blog you love that I should check out?  You see what I am saying.)

The end. Thanks for joining us. Seeya, suckas.



  1. Awesome!

  2. Your son is so incredibly adorable. And because of that, you need to take more pictures of him:) In AV (apertrure priority) mode. I’m only saying that because you asked! AV mode means you control the amount of light coming into the camera. You can do it! If he’s facing the window where there’s ample light, and a few feet away, you can set your ISO to about 400 and your aperture as low as it will go (depends on your lens). That’s the little number that’s displayed. Maybe it goes to 5.6 or even lower? Stand by the window, a little off to the side, facing him, and try it (hope that makes sense. You are sort of between him and the window). You can do it:) If it’s blurry, you can raise your ISO a little to get a faster shutter speed.

    • Best. Comment. Ever. Thanks so much for this advice, Louise! I have two major difficulties right now – the light, especially when it is overcast, is so poor in our apartment, and Sam just won’t sit still for any period of time. I have been thinking about building a DIY light box for food, but that obviously won’t work for Sam. 🙂 I think maybe I will practice this with Maxy first, and then see if I can catch Sam at the right moment! Thank you thank you thank you!

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