Posted by: Grub | February 19, 2012


hi daddy mommy baby car book apple tractor wow truck nanny bus banana fire boat sock airplane bike choo-choo water duck quack iPad turtle hug kiss alligator animal cat dog cow moo kiwi bread bite hot light hungry all-gone up down walk shoe jacket pants ball outside diaper pooper no food eat more bath wash owl frog Branka Leo sleep PJ’s shirt cloth spoon flower tree stuck chair fish me cookie cracker watch toy night-night yum yuck eye nose mouth tongue uh-oh leg foot toes bunny belly browndog pillow computer work paper comb shut stinky beans bird sky hat hair mittens squirrel monkey tiger lion pig teddy pumpkin dragon Harry* toast bag sheep milk phone coffee picture buh-bye

*the dirty dog

Just for fun, I thought I would do a quick brainstorm of words that Sam has in his vocabulary right now – these are all words that he says out loud, unsolicited, that we are able to recognize, although some are more understandable than others (for example, he calls his jacket “jack”, and “animal” really sounds more like “enema”  – I’m sticking with “animal” on that one).  He has a few more that are strictly baby talk (“ba-ba”, for example, means “bottle”), a bunch of animal sounds that aren’t really words (my favourites are the monkey sound and the rooster sound) and he understands a lot that he isn’t actually speaking yet.  I had no idea how much fun this part would be!

Words conspicuously absent from this list: yes, please, thank you, sleep, nap, Maxy, Sam



  1. Love it! I think I need a play-date with him 🙂

    • I think you do, too!

  2. We need to have a Skype date so that Sam and Claire can chat! XOXO

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